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May 2, 2012
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CC: Rev Sinette by Michi-chi CC: Rev Sinette by Michi-chi
Rev Sinette
Reason of Business: Injury to the leg, how he was attacked is unknown. Was taken for immediate recovery and remediation!
Age: Appearance of mid-20’s
Height/Weight: 5’10” – 135lb
Species: Wizard
Birthday: November 3rd
Blood Type:O
Hot-tempered: Most likely from staying cooped up in the hotel for so long, hes adapted to not sleeping as much as he used to, and keeps a frown on his face most times. Really now, he just wants rest but he can’t really obtain that with something creaking and cackling in his room.
Independent –He doesn’t see how people how depend on eachother so much, seeing as you were born in this world alone, you’ll die alone anyways. You’ll do fine on your own.
Impatient-He can’t wait, only for an hour at best given the circumstances. Usually includes tugging at the button on his clothing, and tapping his feet in annoyance.
Observant-Something he’s good at, he’ll notice slight differences, but becomes clueless when it comes to people in general.

History: Revery J. Sinette comes from a family of wizards. Those who worked close to a wealthy family in an unknown little country. Rev kept to himself, reading up spells and incantations. His family thought it was quite mature of him—but really, he just didn’t want to be bothered with playing with the son and the daughter of the other family. The two groups stayed close together however, over the years Rev soon obtained a liking to being a bit social with the twins. Even talking more and having was something he could slowly get used to, instead of being by himself!
Sometimes, he would read them a spell, and show how the magic would work. The two spoiled children were always amazed at how smart their best friend was, and even though they plead and beg, Rev would never allow them to touch the book. On some occasions, he’d allow them to glance at it, but he said the writing is written only for wizards to read, and it would be bad for children to utter a word of the text.
One evening however, the wizardry family left to celebrate with a few other gatherers into the forest. Something about “Walpurgis” the children recall. The two were much older, much more devious as well. And it just so happened that Rev had abandoned his book within his compound. Sneaking in, taking the book, and opening the pages, they were amazed with the scriptures and the art surrounding every page. It seemed there was hand written pages as well..?
They shouted aloud an incantation with their newfound excitement, astonished by the glow it gave around them, the bright circles coming to life and surrounding their being. They were too enveloped with their own magic they did not notice Rev staring with horrid eyes. With urgency he shoved the two away from the circles path, in the process of affecting him instead.
Recovering from the incident it seems the twins had disappeared, and Revery himself had aged a good five years. The spell he later checked was that of a failed practice for immortality.
In the end, he fled the country, the wealthy and powerful family enraged at the lost of their only children.
-Practicing his magic
-All sorts of food, he won’t shy away from disgusting looking tastes!
-getting comfortable enough to sleep
-Nosy people
-Obnoxious, spoiled people
-Recently, it seems he’s notice there are two drawings of children within his book, and has been trying to figure out why they keep running across his pages.
-He does sleep, but usually it’s fueled with nightmares
-The spell altered his age by 4 years
-Vicious bite marks on his leg--are now scars...what could have caused it??
-(more info tba??)
RolePlay Via:Note, Chatroom, Skype (message me!)
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